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Product Description of Cycloid reducer

Author : Date : 2014-3-24 10:28:26
The  Description of Cycloid reducer is like below:

1, high transmission efficiency: advanced transmission efficiency of 90% or more;
2, transmission ratio: single-stage transmission ratio for the 9-87, dual-class pass movement when the series 99-7569, multi-level transmission ratio can be greater;
3, compact structure: small size, light weight, and high-speed shaft and low speed shaft in the same axis, easy assembly and disassembly;
4, helical speed reducerthe use of reliable and long life.
5, running smooth, low noise, highly upload and impact;

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Planetary Gearbox;Helical Gearbox;Bevel Gearbox;Worm Reducer;Valve Gearbox;
Cycloid reducer

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