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Glossary Of Gearbox Industry

Author : Date : 2014-4-4 20:53:22

glossary of gearbox
Bevel Gears
– used for right-angle applications. There are two types of bevel gears which are straight and spiral.

Bore – the diameter of the hole in a sprocket, gear, bushing, etc.

Center distance – distance between the axes of two meshed gears.

Circular Thickness – the thickness of the tooth on the pitch circle.

Dedendum – the depth of the tooth below the diameter of the pitch circle.

Diametrical Pitch – the teeth per inch of the diameter of the pitch circle.

Addendum – the height of the gear tooth above the pitch circle diameter.

Backlash – the angle the output shaft of the gearbox can move without the input shaft moving.

Base Circle – an imaginary circle used in involute gearing to generate the involutes that form the tooth profiles.

Differential Gear – a bevel gear which allows two shafts to rotate at a different speed.

Gear – a wheel with teeth that meshes with another wheel with teeth to translate motion.

Gear Center – the center of the pitch circle.

Gear Ratio – the ratio between the numbers of teeth of meshing gears.

Gear Train – two or more gears meshed by their teeth. A gear train generates power speed through the meshed gears rotating.

Helical Gear – a gear with the gear teeth cut at angles.

Line of Contact – the line or curve along which two tooth surfaces are tangent to each other.

Involute – the curve which describes a line which is unwound from the circumference of the gear.

Pinion – a small cogwheel which fits into a larger gear or track.

Pitch Circle – the curve of intersection of a pitch surface of revolution and a plane of rotation.

Spur Gear – connect parallel shafts which have involute teeth that are parallel to the shaft.

Sun gear – a gearwheel that rotates around its own axis and has other gears (planet gears) that rotate around it.

Torsional Stiffness - the measure of the amount of torque that a radial shaft can sustain during its rotation in a mechanical system.

Working Depth – the max depth a tooth of one gear extends into the tooth gear of mating gear.

Worm Gear – a gear with one or more teeth with screwed threads.

Pitch Diameter – the diameter of the pitch circle.

Pitch Radius – the radius of the pitch circle.

Planetary Gears – a system that consists of three main components: the sun gear, ring gear, and two or more planet gears. The sun gear is the located in the center, the ring gear is the outermost gear, and the planet gears are the gears surrounding the sun gear inside the ring gear.

Pressure Angle – the angle between the line of action and the normal to the surface of the tooth.

Spiral Bevel Gears – shafts which are perpendicular to each other and are used in right-angle applications. 

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