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Gearboxes for Mining industry

Author : By internet Date : 2014-1-16 22:04:42


Gearboxes for long-distance belt transport
  • Standard bevel-helical gearboxes for substituting existing drives
  • Light-weighted bevel-helical gearboxes for new installations
Deep mines
  • Shearer loaders
  • Scraper conveyors
    • Bevel-helical and planetary gearboxes for scraper conveyor drives
Gearboxes for large-sized excavators and dredgers
  • Bucket wheel drives, tagging devices, electric drum drives; belt conveyors
  • Bucket-wheel jib elevation and extension
  • Unloading jib elevation
  • etc.
Axle gearboxes for heavy mining trucks
  • Planetary axle gearboxes transmitting torque from traction motors directly to vehicle wheels

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