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Author : Date : 2014-5-23 21:14:47
Succkey industrial gearbox is an established global industrial gearbox designer, manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of industrial applications throughout the world, including: aerators, mixers & agitators, air cooled condensersmills, kilns, conveyors, hoists,pumps, toasters, pulpers, cable cars, scrapers, screw pumpscooling towers,  etc. etc. 

Succkey industrial gearboxes are used in a range of specialist applications in industries such as the chemicals, energy, material handling, environmental, extraction, pulp and paper, steel and metal, food and beverage, and construction industries. 
Our industrial gearbox range consists of a core standardized selection covering over a hundred different applications in a torque range from 6kNm to 1100kNm which are suitable for both right angle and parallel shaft configurations in either horizontal or vertical arrangements. 

We can also can repair  all brands and types of gearmotors including: Precision, Indexing, Parallel, In-Line, Shaft Mount, Planetary, Bevel, Cycloid, Helical, Harmonic, Spur, Worm and supply obscure transmission and drive elements.

If you have any requirement of industrial gearboxes,please feel free to contact us .

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