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Bevel Gearbox

Author : Date : 2014-3-26 11:19:54
 Bevel Gears

There are two types of bevel gearboxes which include either straight or spiral teeth gears. Straight bevel gears have straight and tapered teeth and are used in applications requiring slow speeds. Spiral bevel gears have curved and oblique teeth and are used in applications requiring high-performance, high speed applications.

Physical Properties

Bevel gears are typically constructed from cast iron, aluminum alloy or other steel materials but vary between manufacturers. 
straight bevel gearboxspiral bevel gearbox
Figure 1: Straight Bevel Gearbox                          Figure 2: Spiral Bevel Gearbox

Note: Gears made from steel materials can be noisy when coming into contact with other gears and also make them prone to wear. 
Applications of Bevel Gears

Bevel gearboxes use bevel gears and are mainly used in right angle applications with the shafts in a perpendicular arrangement.

     • Print Press 
     • Power Plants 
     • Automobiles 
     • Steel Plants 
     • Hand Drills 
     • Differential Drives 

Disadvantages of Bevel Gears 
     • Axes must be able to support forces 
     • Poorly cut teeth may result in excessive vibration and noise during operation 

Advantages of Bevel Gears 
     • Right angle configuration 
     • Durable 

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