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Product name : VF Auminium Alloy Worm Gearmotor
Item : 2013511143921
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VF Aluminium Alloy Worm Gearmotor

1. Small size, compact, lightweight, and saves space for mounting

2. Runs steadily with low noise, high reliability and high efficiency

3. High quality aluminum alloy, elegant appearance, efficient heat radiation,high carrying ability

4.Installed in multiple surfaces, hollow output shaft, various input and output types, conjoins with other transmission machinery easily

5.Specification: RV25~185 eleven type totally

6.Input power: 0.04~22kW (4 poles motor)

7.Output torque: 4~2320Nm

8.Transmission ratio: 5:1~100:1 

VF Series Reducer
VF Series worm reducer

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