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Product name : Part-Turn Valve Gearbox
Item : Part-Turn Valve Gearbox
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It is quarter turn gearbox, suit to be used on ball valves,butterfly valves,plug valves etc.The housing made by precise casting, and the gear boxes have fresh pattern and nice's transmitted by worm gear and worm, and the worm gear with self-locking,also by using tapered roller bearing,the gear box can be operated more flexibly and have higher efficience.Stem nut can be uni-body or separated just according to customers' requirement.The mounting flange adapts to IS05211 international standard. So it's can be more convenient to match the valves.The Protection grade can be IP65, for some special environment, it also can be IP68.

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part-turn valve gearbox

ball valves gearbox

WCB and Cast Iron material body of valve gearbox

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