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Product name : P Series Planetary Gearbox
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P series Planetary Gearbox

Specifications of P series Planetary Gearbox

Good quality,low noise,long life,perfect structure,competitive price
DP2N---2 stage planetary gear units;
DP2L---Vertical shafts,
2 stage planetary gear units;
DP2S---Parallel shafts,2 stage plantary gear units;
DP2K---Bevel helical,2 stage planetary gear units;
DP3N---3 stage 
planetary gear units;
DP3S---Parallel shafts,3 stage planetary gear units;
DP3K---Bevel helical,
3 stages planetary gear units;

Advantages of P series Planetary Gearbox

1. Modular design, can provide kinds of combinations according to your requirement.
2. By nodular cast iron, improve the rigidity and shock resistance for the housing.
3. Adapt carburizing, quenching and grinding for the sun wheel, planetary gear, internal gear, helical gear and sprial bevel gear in the housing, to improve the efficiency and lifetime.
4. High output torque and ratio, and the ratio can be higher when connect with K series and R series.
5. Input way:coaxial input, helical gear input, bevel gear input and bevel-helical input.
6. Output shaft:hollow shaft with shrink disk, hollow shaft with involute splines, solid shaft with parallel key, solid shaft with involute splines.
7. Mounting position:horizontal, vertical(output shaft is downward or upward).

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